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This process applies if you don’t have fibre service in your area, more and more locations around South Africa have access to fibre.

the fibre service installation process

step one

First off, we conduct a feasibility request to see if we have a fibre network running in or around your address. Once that check has been completed, the quotes are sent out.

step two

Once approved we submit all paperwork and wait for ETA’s from the backhaul provider. The backhaul provider will then arrange a pre-site inspection to determine their installation routes.

step three

Installation of your fibre service could take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. Once the fibre line has been installed we can install our router that enables the internet link.

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  • It’s the fastest type of internet connection available today! Do you remember when HD TVs were all the rage? Well, 4K is here to stay, we need fast internet to make the most out of our amazing new displays.
  • It’s the most reliable type of internet connection. Where the old copper lines were prone to signal attenuation and noise interference, fibre offers consistent internet access.
  • Symmetrical connections are more readily available with fibre meaning you’ll get the same speed for uploads as you will for downloads.
  • Gamers everywhere know that fibre is the gold standard. The low latency of these connections means that gamers can respond to the dynamics of their favourite games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and PUBG more quickly. Faster reaction times mean more wins and more fun.

With Fibre services that are based on a fixed term, there are pre-installation and post-installation termination terms. SO why would there be a pre-installation termination penalty if your line has not been installed yet, very glad you asked? There are third parties involved when installing fibre, allowing us to trench into the sidewalks, as well as project management and construction teams that we send out to conduct the pre-site inspections.

This is probably the best news. You are no longer a slave to your “Telkom Line Rental Bill”. You only need fibre coverage, many ISPs also could provide you with additional VOIP Telephone services at a fraction of the cost.

If you are moving to an Internet Service Provider who uses the same backhaul provider as the ISP you are moving from then the migration is an easier process.

However, if you are moving your service to a new ISP that will be making use of a different backhaul provider then a new installation process will need to be followed.

Back in the day, Telkom owned all the copper (ADSL) in the country. Every client would have rented the ADSL lines directly with Telkom. Making the support process more difficult for ISP to resolve. With ISP’s now having access to lease fibre directly from tier 1 infrastructure providers, there is no need for clients to engage with tier 1 fibre providers. Making the delivery of services easier for ISP and also the support.