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With over a decade of being a successful managed services practice, we have assisted many different businesses by being their managed voip services provider. Ensuring an outstanding reliable relationship, addressing problems swiftly and dedicated to prevention. Netlayer has been known as one of the top managed voip service providers within South Africa, our services business model is to ensure that you and your staff can operate smoothly within the operational challenges in South Africa. We are unlike any other it service providers.

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what is voip

Simply put, VoIP is a phone service delivered over the internet. Any telephony solution that allows you to make calls over the internet, instead of through the traditional means of wires and handsets, is referred to as a VoIP service.  This VoIP technology converts your voice into a digital signal, allowing you to make a call directly from a computer, a VoIP phone, or other data-driven devices such as tablets and mobile devices. You may also hear it referred to as IP telephony, internet telephony, broadband telephony, or broadband phone service. Some examples of the best-known VoIP solutions include WhatsApp Calling, Skype and many more. What makes VoIP so widespread is because of the accessibility it provides; you can make calls and receive calls from anywhere in the world without needing international roaming. All of this is done because of the technology used which makes these calls as easy as sending a message on social media.

Prior to 2005, Telkom which was the major fixed-line operator for telephony, controlled the market in South Africa. Since then, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), the country’s communications regulatory body, changed the regulation opening up the market to service providers allowing them to inter-connect. There are now 1000’s of service providers in South Africa who are licensed to provide VoIP solutions. With this competition the fees for a VoIP solution have seen positive declines in the rates for the customer. This is great news for the consumer and ensures healthy competition.

hosted pbx

VoIP services are now offered as a managed cloud service. Gone are the days where you need to purchase costly onsite PABX’s with lengthy service agreement terms, our voip services are provided on a month to month agreement.

number porting

Not only can you port your regional numbers such as 011, 021, and 012 but you are also able to port your 087 and 08600 numbers to our network.

Make affordable voice calls
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R30.00 per month

Use your existing Internet connection to make affordable voice calls to any telephone number in the world. Plus, all calls to other NETLAYER VoIP numbers are absolutely FREE!

call recording

Our call recording is popi compliant.

microsoft teams ready

Ditch your handset and use your laptop as your phone system. Our voip network can integrate with your microsoft teams environment.

is it easy to use voip?

At Netlayer we make it easier than ever to use VoIP. 

Our helpful specialists will run through your current setup or expected setup before putting together a custom telephony solution. This will be based on your unique environment and specific requirements, which will also take into account your budget and expectations. 

VoIP can assist with the work from home (wfh) lifestyle many of us are now experiencing. There are now many options available for this remote working lifestyle. For example; if your company is using Microsoft Teams we can leverage this technology to set up voice calling instead of deploying handsets. What this means is that your staff will not be required to  have a handset, and the consumables that go along with this, installed in their homes. 

This means time and effort to set up remote workers is drastically reduced as well as allowing most staff to set up their own systems with some guidance from a Netlayer technician.  In fact, it is so easy to use VoIP that many users of telephony systems in organisations are not sure whether or not their company is on VoIP or traditional phone services.

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Sure we can, besides Fibre services, we also do VoIP, IT Support and Application Development, which allows us to supply the full range of services to clients which ensures you only need to deal with one service provider.

Unfortunately no solution can protect you from ransomware however we can limit the exposure and amount of down time to your network once an infected device has been identified by using our ransomeware protection solution.

Yes sure, we can still support you regardless of where your licenses are hosted.

Netlayer uses intelligent endpoint agents that assist us in managing your devices remotely, patch management is a top priority as this ensures stability on all your devices.

Netlayer supplies a wide range of hardware and software solutions to its customer base.