Here at Netlayer we pride ourselves in being that one- stop shop known as a Managed Service Provider in the IT Space. Now being a one-stop shop comes with negative connotations, ever heard of the phrase “Jack of all trades and master of none?” Well that may be true in some industries but let’s talk about this scenario in the IT Realm. Firstly it’s almost impossible to be knowledgeable in every area of IT, technologies evolve, change and innovate at a rapid pace. So whilst it may be difficult for an organisation to have those expertise in all areas, having the knowledge, know-how and access to various 3rd party providers is the key in these situations. Here at Netlayer we are a true Managed Service Provider. This means that we take on tasks and responsibilities provided by third parties and Netlayer will manage all these services under one Umbrella. Let’s look at an example; Your organisation may have 6 x providers or more all delivering unique key IT functions to your organisation. These could be VoIP, Server Maintenance, Desktop Support, Internet Connectivity, Security Solutions and Network monitoring. Now under the Managed Service Provider model, Netlayer will take on all these solutions, this includes providing advice on best industry standards, procurement and overall responsibilities related to these services. The impact on the customer is that you will no longer need to troubleshoot when things go wrong and oftentimes vendors need to work together to solve an IT issue on site, which results in longer lead times to resolve. Here at Netlayer as your Managed Service Provider when the inevitable IT issue presents itself we may have a) pro-actively been alerted to the issue or b) been notified of an issue, now having responsibilities over cross functional IT solutions the staff at Netalyer will have an overview of the entire typography reducing troubleshooting and ultimately this results in better turnaround times.

Some Benefits you can expect from moving over to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is as follows;

  1. Access to Experts

Let the team at Netlayer provide you with the expertise to manage and support your entire IT network and components. With our team of experienced professionals we will provide advice on how to best choose, implement and maintain your many IT related solutions. Be it deciding on the best server and back up solutions to less complicated decisions such as the right specifications for a laptop. Why take out time doing what you do best to focus on areas of your business that can be outsourced by industry experts.

  1. Cost Saving

An organisation like yours can expect to save costs by increasing overall efficiency of moving over to a managed service provider. When solutions are consolidated and a holistic approach is taken, you will find many services overlap and can be reduced or removed and some upgraded. Leaving you with a better managed overall IT picture.

  1. Better response times

Partnering with Netlayer as your managed service provider means that in times of IT related events, we will manage the event from start to end. Whether this is turnaround with a new project or resolving a fibre line break, your organisation can rest assured you are in good hands. We at Netlayer will ensure to focus on the health and security of the services, applying patches and upgrades as needed meaning better overall health and uptime.

4. Single Point of contact

Experiencing an issue on site or have a general IT related query? Call Netlayer. Let us look at an example, you are working remotely from home and suddenly your VPN disconnects and you cannot get online. Without an MSP you may have to call someone within your organisation to assist or troubleshoot yourself. There are multiple points which could cause this, is it a) your internet b) an upgrade needed on your VPN client c) the servers in the office are offline?  In scenarios like this having an MSP will reduce the effort in having to resolve such an issue.

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